Virtual Asset Management Summit 2021
The Ultimate Virtual Summit for Apartment Owners who Want to Learn where the “Real Money is Made”. Discover the BEST Asset Management Strategies ALL IN ONE Place.
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June 21 - 27 , 2021
  • Kyle Mitchell
  • Gary Lipsky
Kyle and Gary are the Founders of the Asset Management Summit, Asset Management Mastery Podcast and APT Capital Group where their mission is to positively impact the lives of their investors and the communities in which they invest through the highest level of transparency and fiduciary responsibility. Their more than 50 years of operations and management experience is their secret sauce. Their decades of experience in operations and management is the passion and influence behind the Asset Management Summit where their goal is to help educate apartment owners and asset managers to become best in class operators. 
Look out for their new book Best in Class releasing June 29 for step-by-step how to manage your real estate portfolio effectively!

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Attending this Online Event?
This is an unprecedented event with over 17 of the most successful  leaders, entrepreneurs, and speakers of our time offering you leadership &  advice to lead you into the future - all on one single platform, for 7 entire days, 100% FREE!
Investor Relations
We'll teach you the winning ways to not only having investors coming back each time but bringing their friends as well for future investment opportunities. 
Find out how to Manage the Manager by setting them up for success, get the most out of your team and blind spots you should be looking out for!
What gets measured, gets accomplished! Understand Key Performance Indicators that will rocket fuel your outcomes! Find out about the best resources so that you are ahead of the game and your assets are outperforming the others!
Executing a business plan, setting the property up for an eventual sale, learning the steps and maximizing the ROI is critical! Many conferences/mentors walk you through how to get the deal, we’ll show you what to do once you get it!
Economic Update
What Does The Future Hold For Your
Investments? Learn From One Of The Top Speakers In Real Estate What You Should Be Doing.
Capital Stack
Know the different options to put together a deal. Double Your Transactions By Learning What Savvy Operators Are Doing Today!
Tax Update
Learn from the leading expert in the latest laws and strategies to minimize what you and your investors have to pay! 
Laws on Raising Capital
Learn the latest laws and how to do it the right way to stay out of jail! 
Business Plan Execution
How to come up with a great plan, who’s involved, tracking and evaluation are critical to your success. We’ll show you all of the steps to be successful!
Learn the best strategies and maximize returns! Learn From A 30 Year Investor Who's Seen It All.
Construction Management
Rolling out a rehab plan and tracking timelines and expenditures is critical to your success. We’ll show you how to do it right!
Who Will Be Speaking?
  • Neal Bawa, Grocapitus
Data, Data, Data
  • Rod Khleif, Lifetime Cashflow through Real Estate Investing
  • Tom Wheelwright,  WealthAbility
Tax Updates
  • Kathy Fettke, Real Wealth
Economic Update
  • Brian Burke, Praxis Capital
  • Dan Handford,
Structuring The Capital Stack
  • Ashley Wilson, Bar Down Investments
Construction Management
  • Gary Lipsky, APT Capital Group
Business Plan Execution
  • Kyle Mitchell, APT Capital Group
Leasing Strategies
  • Veena Jetti, ​ Vive Funds
  • Ben Suttles, Disrupt Equity
Rolling out a Rehab Plan 
  • Hunter Thompson, Asym Capital
Investor Relations
  • Gene Trowbridge, Trowbridge Law Group
New Laws On Raising Capital
  • Andrew Cushman, Vantage Point Aquisitions
Property Management And Managing Them Through A Deal
  • Drew Kniffen, Nighthawk Equity
Disposition, Sell Your Property Like A Pro
  • Anna Kelley, REI Mom
Multifamily Leaders Panel
  • Arleen Garza, REEP Equity
Multifamily Leaders Panel
  • Carrie Young, Silica Ridge Capital Group
Multifamily Leaders Panel
  • Mark Willis, Lake Growth Financial Services
Banking on Yourself
  • Kelly Stinson, SAS Conserve
Water Conservation to Boost NOI
  • Brett Simpson, Eide Bailly
  • TJ Lokobi, Syndication Pro
Adopting Digital Transformative to Stay Competitive

  • How to become a Best in Class Operator.
  • How to boost NOI.
  • How to Overcome Obstacles.
  • And so much more!!! 
  • How to Market your property more effectively.
  • How to utilize the latest Tools.
  • How to build Winning Teams.

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What Makes this Virtual Summit Different?

Rather than focus on general “Real Estate Investing” Topics, We Wanted to Create An Event with Highly Focused Value in the Area of Multifamily Asset Management. At the Summit, we’ll take a deep dive into how to manage, operate, and build the best systems to Drive NOI, Reduce Risk, and Maximize Efficiency!!!

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The Ultimate Virtual Summit to discover the BEST Asset Management Strategies ALL IN ONE Place.

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